Customised Dental Mouth Guards

Protect Your Smile with Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards

Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards for Optimal Protection

Our custom-fitted mouth guards provide a comfortable, effective solution for protecting your teeth and gums from injury during sports or other activities. Mouth guards can help prevent chips, fractures, and other injuries to your teeth, while also reducing your risk of jaw injuries and concussions.

This Service Includes:

  • A personalised consultation with one of our experienced dental professionals
  • A custom fitting of your mouth guard to ensure maximum comfort and protection
  • Instructions on how to properly clean and care for your mouth guard

We take care of you


Our mouth guards are custom-fitted to your teeth and bite for optimal comfort and protection. We use high-quality materials to ensure a perfect fit and maximum durability.

Effective protection

Our mouth guards provide a layer of cushioning between your teeth and soft tissues, reducing the risk of injuries and fractures to your teeth, lips, and tongue. They can also help prevent concussions and other head injuries during sports or other high-impact activities.

Easy to clean

Our mouth guards are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they remain effective for the long term. We will provide you with instructions on how to properly care for your mouth guard to ensure optimal hygiene and longevity.

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